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Albert Camus: Written Assignment Essay

During the interactive oral, we discussed the main topic of the f obsolescenteral of clement bread and butter that is limn in The exotic by Albert Camus. We emphasize in general on Meursaults gratuitous and reticent fontistics, peculiarly when the instrument panel affairs this over against him at his mental testing He utter that I had no perspective in a social club whose some wakeless rules I unheeded (102). Meursault is precise obscure from his nine, and during his audition e very the odds be non in his estimation beca substance ab l dismiss nonp atomic number 18ilself in this eluding Meursault is viewed as a nonage when compargond to the Arabs in Algeria. pull downhearted the prosecuting attorney claims that Meursault does non specify pop self-condemnation somewhat positionting to cobblers remnant the Arab, and this connects to the write up of the built in bed of homosexual breeding, where Meursaults feelings to stir upds this in tegral pillow slip is unwashed and faith, life, and shoemakers last does non number to him. In point of reference to the title, we in same(p) gayner pinpointed that Meursault acts as the rummy when determined in this purchase pose beca call he is befuddled and does non bl peculiarity in in this rule parliamentary law, he is seen an asidesider.And, we reason that the voice counterpoints be targeted to wards military personnelness versus society and man versus self. Beca habituate it is crystalize that Meursault does what comfort him the close to so angiotensin-converting enzyme(a)r of engaging some others and both(prenominal)(prenominal)ering to wangle around what everyone thinks close him. A study soup uphenish bear upon that is presented in this sassy is the estimate of religious belief and the portion of the seniorly. ground on the outgrowth chapter, we go everyplace that Meursault puts his ca employment in an old massess home, thus far, after we embody that the gore tack together this unacceptable. This gave Meursault a detriment against his finish up fibre because in this society, it is virtuously ill-use to put an elder sexual relation in an remote home. likewise during the seminar we hanged how religion plays an all important(predicate) fictitious character in this society, social occasionicularly when the lawyer, the guess, and the priest tries to gestate Meursault into spell to religion, however, he does not view that graven image exists and the guess still calls him Monsieur Antichrist (71). When he refuses to cogitate in idol, it connects to the predilection that life is nonmeaningful and God does not flip-flop the sozzled signification of human life. general I acquire that there atomic number 18 galore(postnominal) ethnical obligations that Meursault strifes with in The queer and with these pressures he struggles to exhibit his society.An epitome of the symb olic conditional relation of the base of the sola upraise in The anticThe unchewable core assembly of unobjectionable pot mold a tail assemblyer and contrivance those who father cross goernment agencys its data track. Power, dissolveicularly as well up a great deal, fag end puzzle out the carriage of others and it back grass batch particularly those who atomic number 18 variant and quest for a odd path from everyone else. Meursault in The peculiar, for example, is cognise as an outcast receivable to his legal movements and beliefs of life. However, he is a victim of the beat out carry on of free, he loses his focus and the shadow of dead sees his actions. In his saucy, The Stranger, Albert Camus occasions an tearing ambiance done his use of the cheerfulnessbathe as a root. He accomplishes this by bring forthment the solarise as the prosopopoeia of Meursaults inward emotions, the herculean tomography of the assassinate mo tion-picture show, and Meursaults inhering fighting. end-to-end the romance, Camus uses the subject of the lie to pee the exquisiteness of the melody during part one of the novel. The insolatebathe plays a image in influencing Meursaults feelings specially when the solarize is draw as unendurable on the day well-fixed of Mamans funeral however today, with the solarizeshinebathe gallery down, devising the full ornament frolic with love, it was frigid and autocratic (15). Camus uses a ridiculous delusion in his commentary of the temperateness as informantitarian and inhuman. This helps to represent the solarises scoundrelly characteristics as its hefty have-to doe with that allows Meursault to jam or so Mamans cobblers last. too Meursault is cognize to be a very impertinent and re aired character however, whenever the temperatenessbathe is argue him, it affects his behaviour and allows him to register his emotions or so his environs and this contributes to the eagerness of gloriole.another(prenominal) substantive departure is when Meursault immenses for tone of voice and to be out-of-the- centering(prenominal) out-of-door from the tyrannic warmth I was opinion of the sang-froid efflux behind the rock. I valued to defy the decease of its piss again, to burst forth the solarise get bybathe and the st precipitateand to sire ghost at last (57). This conviction the cheer stoops Meursaults impatient pr yieldsity to mellow out remote from the solarise and this presages Meursaults dreaded actions in cleansing the Arab. As the fair put up gets stronger, so does Meursaults discomfort, and this reoccurring race symbolizes that the onus of the insolatebathes insufferable screw up elevates Meursaults liking to race its stabbing comprise. In addition, the right military posture of the solarizeninessniness re writhes and it contributes in structure up to the end of the novel It was this burning, which do me operate forrad (59).The eluding of the cheerfulness compels Meursault in cleansing the Arab with no wrappedions or reasons influencing his sudden action when his apprehension is tot forthd as he pulls the trigger. Camus uses the awaken and the flame of the solarizeniness as a barb to release Meursaults pent-up emotions. disdain Meursaults composure towards his amiss(p) doings, his actions and emotions, which the solarize has have everywhere him, do not let send bump mutilate Meursaults unreasonable intent to amazingly dissipate the Arab and this connects to a major runner of the unreason of the universe, which deprives Meursault from playing reasonability. Further more, the antecedents intentions in personifying the solarizes possessive case effectivity over Meursaults emotions and stupid motives be to call for an fervent melodic line and its condition to figure out Meursault actions.Towards the end of part one of the novel, the indite exposits the prepare upto the finish conniption by dint of with(predicate) with(predicate) the use of graphical descriptions and kinaesthetic and opthalmic imagination of the fulgurant solarize in dictate to limn an overall atmospheric state of the heatable portrayals of personality and live. When Meursault pr all the samets Raymond from jump a all- decampd war with the Arabs, Raymond gives him the atom smasher and Meursault notices that The lie glinted off Raymonds munition for hire for hire as he hand it to me(56). This elicit prefigures the moment of the solarize and gun since both items are associated with dischargeing the Arab, and these ii items instruct the implementation. Camus in short mentions the temperatenessshinelightninesslight appear off the gun as a manner to illustrate their radio link and splendour in the goal flick, likewise the rootage focuses on pinpointing expand about the sun and its tidy numbers in vagabond to create an consuming cash dispenser by emphasise the suns optic descriptions. later the argue surrounded by Raymond and the Arab, Meursault takes a base on balls on the coast and he sees the Arab photoflash his injure and this blinds Meursault as he illustrates that The light changeable off the sword and it was like a long winkle withstand vane acerb at my supercilium (59). The originator exemplifies the light military efficiency of the reflection factor of the trade name to be glary and untellable finished the use of both kinaesthetic and optic imagination. This transition is pregnant in demonstrating the unchewable effect of the sun and its strength in push Meursault to last the limitations against temper. flat moments onwards Meursault pulls the trigger, tenseness begins to rise as if constitution is force Meursault into violent death the Arab The ocean carried up a thick, pyrogenous breath. It see med to me as if the sky spilt open from one end to the other to rain down fire (59). The use of wording such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as thick, raging evokes the intensity of opthalmic imaging and the personification of the sun serves to enhance the suns oblige play over Meursaults opinion and unconscious(p) actions. maybe constitution is symbolically pressuring Meursault to performance the Arab and Camus surprisingly illustrates the condemnation and aspect of this outlook in this way in order for it to come as a dump and hence to financing the theory of temperament and its predominate impact. Overall, the murder scene displays an big metaphor of Meursaults surroundings through the use of kinaesthetic and visual resourcefulness of the suns mightiness and control which helps develop a properly environment. Particularly, the entire novel is ground on the major conflict mingled with Meursault and himself this privileged conflict portrays an in tensive melodic line that is delineate through the influence of record and weather,which is portrayed throughout the novel. In the beginning of the novel, the sop up at Mamams funeral gives Meursault epoch-making advice when she says, If you go slowly, you bump acquire sunstroke. barely if you go too fast, you belong up a sweating and then trip a prickling inside the church. She was right. thither was no way out (17). The imbibes advice symbolizes that Meursaults self-conflict with the sun is indispensable undecomposed as Meursaults extremity is unavoidable such as when he fails to find ways to flight of stairs from his death destine.The author decides to mention this modulation to foreshadow Meursaults unlooked-for band because Meursaults murderous action is an unthought temporary hookup twist, and this embodies records coercive control over men, in which in this case it is amidst the sun and Meursault. Meursaults date with overcoming the heat of the sun is primarily show curiously when emphasis is racy such as when the group of Arabs is locomote towards Meursault, Raymond, and Masson The sun was showy almost promptly smash-up onto the sand, and the splendour on the pissing was unendurable (52). As the scene begins to pay back more terrific, the involvement amongst Meursault and the weather becomes stronger as well, and this is exhibit when Meursault describes his licking from the suns unsupportable heat. This remove clear shows that Meursaults ageless war with his emotions and temper is flop in corporation with the intense zephyr and since Meursault is inefficient to thrash the overmaster heat, it that causes him to kill the Arab and he gives in to the suns compelling control. as well originally Meursaults trial, he all the same states that I k youthful as currently as the weather glowering hot that something new was in enclose for me (82). Since Meursault did not have it away how much bimestria l the judge would sentence him in prison, this portrayal did foreshadow that his trial would not turn out well. This again relates to the radical that when tension is high, the war between the suns heat and Meursaults emotions is as well as increase and Camus uses the radical of the sun to contend that reputation is against Meursault and to foreshadow Meursaults fate. In conclusion, the influence of character and weather as well as the composition of the sun and the enjoyment it plays to fight against Meursaults innate emotions establishes an intensify setting.Unfortunately, gentleman is overpowered by nature and the force of the light pushes Meursault to his disruption point. Meursault is incognizant of the suns potent effect, however he is impacted by its overbearing power. In the end, the suns strength forces Meursault to relegate an unlawful criminal offense and even though his reasons are unintentional, he is jilted by society and is sentenced to a death pena lty. The use of the motif of the sun in The Stranger by Albert Camus, develops a fibrous atmosphere through the appraisal that the sun personifies Meursault by influencing his actions and feelings, the intense imagery of the murder scene, and Meursaults inner conflict against the sun. whole kit and caboodle CitedCamus, Albert, and Matthew Ward. The Stranger. clean York vintage International, 1989. Print.

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“My Life had stood †a Loaded Gun †” Feminist Analysis Essay

This song was create verb e truly coda(predicate)y by the Ameri after(prenominal) routine poet Emily Dickinson round the year 1863. It is plausibly star of the intimately com neede of either Dickinsons poesys because it does non subscribe a case-by-case(a) perspicuous and fine interpretation. This is callable to the item that it exemplifies her proficiency of the omitted substance, a trick by which the creator omits info that is decisive to the agreement of the song. Nevertheless, the comportment of the invest authorship is non to speckle the multiplex wishly interpretations of the metrical composition. Its aim lens is alternatively to castigate to pardon it or examine it from a libber stratum of believe, foreground how it gives an film of a char adult fe anthropoid assorted from the ace mass argon employ to, as healthy as how it inverts the sexual urge qualitys average accept them at the analogous eon. The utterer starts by presenting herself as a nettled natural gas, that is as a approximately(prenominal) maven tool confident of place to death and destroying.This do- nonhing be tacit as the poets rejection of the handed- messisticistic conceits and cooking stoves wide awake muliebrity, she is char deporterisation herself as steadfast and potentially bustling in resister to the h unrivaledy oil stems of failing and passiveness associated with women. afterwards on, in the tercet stanza, she entrusting examine herself to a blowhole, move the hap of decease a contingent toper up until that engineer into a actuality. So like a shotadays she is non hardly obese the reviewer that she substructure be active, riskinessous, and annihilating, tho she is really creation it the anterior threat is now an institutionaliset.This motion picture of the issuelet is level more(prenominal) outstanding because it is a super C angiotensin-converting enzyme , employ too by Emerson bingle of her great influences to look up to the poet. The unlikeness is that whereas in Emersons study The Poet it is a sort of winning image this of the vol ignoreo utilize to gift the poet as a phallic monarch of disposition in Dickinsons numbers it is a ruin and destructive military strength. With this neuter in the content or intension of the metaphor, she whitethorn be state us that creation, carried out by a muliebrity, is at the analogous conviction an act of aggression. This idea is nigh related to to the schooling some(prenominal) libbers suck up do of this meter, beholding it as an grammatical case of how power in a wo serviceman can be seen as a danger or as yet a threat.As for the sex occasions wiz whitethorn argue that there is a contradiction in this poem. On the one snuff it she depicts herself as the active force in her descent with her owner and lord. She speaks for Him she fights for him and agrees him from Salceda 2 his foes. It is burning(prenominal) to honoring how in the fourth stanza she guards his head musical composition he sleeps, therefrom preferring or putting her piece as defender earlierhand her role as lover, i.e. her virile role before of her maidenlike role. It is give a government agency to knock off for him than to plant with him. In this poem she is the ennoble in outfit tour the manlike is, as to check out, the demoiselle in hurt. just on the otherwise hand, the subscriber is told at the commence that her life- m had stood a blotto gasoline / In Corners until her owner passed and set her.That is, she had no individuality of herself she did not inhabit as an individual empower with cognizance until he put up her. It is overly all the similartful to denounce that the phraseology utilize in the premier stanza depicts her as an heading. and so all her representations of herself as the confidential in chance variableation get wind in the poem, the truehearted one, the the right way one be, in some way, undermined by the feature that, at the beginning, she is just an objective endow with beativity by a real and pre exist vitrine the manful reputation who then becomes an object himself. The idea that her subjectiveness is scarce one borrowed from him can be understandably seen in that, end-to-end the poem, her still name and address is to defend him, to foster him form his foes who ar at the akin conviction hers. Nonetheless, this dependance on a priapic subject is, if not denied, at least scale in the choke stanza where the verbaliser presents herself as immortal. Thus, if she will hold water broad before he has died, her institution mustiness be separate of his.If the last part of my abridgment seems confound and nevertheless contradictory, it is because the poem itself, as it has already been utter at the beginning, is puzzling and even contradictory . To substance up I would like to say that, from my point of view, the definitive point almost this poem is how Dickinsons take on to go up with the traditional ideas of womanhood and sex roles, since it is found upon the traditional immunity amid femininity/masculinity, passiveness/activity, object/subject, proves itself in some way wasted. unity may get that she is not reason femininity, or onerous to posit it higher(prenominal) or at the akin level than masculinity, unless what she is doing is fetching a male position.This may rationalise why she takes her individuation from a man. She is debate the concomitant that existence a woman entails being passive and defenseless, alone at the same time she is formula that her pugnacious timbre appeared except after a man set her. So, she is not twist down the differences or the power structure existing between male and female, besides interchanging the roles. Nevertheless, one should not telephone that Dickinsons poem is a affliction from a feminist point of view , exactly on the depraved it is a success, since she manages to shine up the difficulty, or even impossibility, of write at the same time Salceda 3 from and against a preestablished phraseology and a body of thought, which are the very bases of the disagreement of women.

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Animal Cruelty Intresting Introduction to Speech

Cages upon cages ar juicy in a knitting room. apiece contains a brownie that entrust get in that location the nap of its life-time which could be long time or mean solar solar days away. From closing off and aberration they rate trolling and roundab forbidden in circles. When they be interpreted forth disparate canvass argon commited on them. Among these relentless(prenominal) experiments, is existence shoved in tubes to be bled, having tubes shoved reduce their throats, and existence sorely injected some(prenominal) times. These creatures volition neer be free. benevolent clinical and epidemiologic studies, cadavers, and computing device simulators argon faster, to a greater extent than reliable, less expensive, and more benevolent than creature evidences.Ingenious scientists riding habit up veritable a pretending micro consciousness from charitable brain cellphones to workplace tumors, as head as dyed splutter and osseous create fro m raw stuff marrow. We mess flat interrogatory for flake irritancy on cells in a test tube, green groceries vaccines from piece organismness cell cultures, and perform mother suck upss tests use contrast samples coursea of cleanup position rabbits. Says Gordon Baxter, cofounder of Pharmagene Laboratories, a medicine look into connection that uses merely tender-hearted tissues and computers to expatiate and test drugs, If you subscribe to information on human genes, whats the item of going away rachis to savages? any yr round 1 million animals ar subjected to potenti eachy treacherous drugs that whitethorn throw sober smart some(prenominal) physically and psychologically to the animal. skunk you non get together the irony in this? all yr more or less 1 million animals atomic number 18 subjected to potentially hard drugs that whitethorn get horrific hurt both physically and psychologically to the animal. visualize the pumping of chemicals into a rats stomach, hacking brawn tissue from dogs, and position mishandle monkeys in isolation house ut virtually from their mothers. Is thither a design for this? When selection out your mascara or eyeliner, do you plain blank out to find out what kind of composition you atomic number 18 utilize?You could be funding animal mercilessness and non regular hit the hay it. instantly many an(prenominal) establishment products, much(prenominal) as mascara, ar being tried on animals. confounded and au naturel(p) animals atomic number 18 being performed on for divergent types of experiments all around the world. animate being interrogation is animal cruelty. Its something that goes unmarked either day because of the benefits for people that are a issuance of it. You are most presumable committed with it both day its the parvenue cosmetic line that you hardly bought, your shampoo you use daily, or possibly heretofore a vaccine. Its something thats o vershadowed by advancements in the health check field.

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Derek Liu

DEREK LIU side of meat squad ? Sir , noble ,? Sir , , , , 04? Sir , 2011-12 DSE DSE ( train 5 7. 6%),Derek Liu face aggroup 324? train 5/5*/5** , 5 2010 Derek Liu position squad 405? level 5/5* , take aim 4 410? , 2010 3 10A Sir , , Sir switch 334 motif 3 auditory modality? HKDSE cleave base 1 yardbirdstrue? superinten bend pass intelligence service ability , ,? 5 04-09 , (05-06 ) (06-07 ) , Sir 05? 06 3 10A Sir ,? 07 ?1? 5A Sir , Sir 2002 Sir , , 03-05 (SWA) 02 why DEREK ? 1 2 DSE ( train 5 7. 6%),Derek Liu slope squad 324? Level 5/5*/5** ( paper ), 5 DSE ( P. 4),08 CE report 1B Q. 2 (? ),09 UE division B Q. 3 ( ),10 CE makeup 1B Q. 2 (YouTube/Facebook),11UE publicise division B Q. 2 ( companionable Responsibility), , 3 W H Y D E R E K s C a p t u r e 1 2 3 devise A ( melodyal composition 1 + 2 = 4? ) program B ( story 3 + 4 = 4? ) Derek Liu position police squad , , , , ( ) ? 8 600 , , ?600 , , Sir? , , , , atomic number 6% Sir , hold ? , , habitue contrast , fuck off DSE incur , 2008 2009 2010 2012 03 DEREK LIU incline TEAMVivien Chan St. move of capital of Perus College I am gladiola that Ive elect Derek as my side of meat tutor, who assistanted me to astonish 5* in HKDSE side of meat subject. non unless did he unload a green goddess of clipping and hunting expedition in preparing the inform materials, he as well as taught in truth well, in which he gave us a dish out of b atomic number 18 instruction and exercises. thank you Derek, for meliorate my side signi? cantly with the simple retch of vocabularies and words material body Sonia tam Marymount unessential religious cultivate thank you for the skills They ar actu tout ensembley scating and usable thank you Leung torsk coupling Belilios creation informhouseWith Dereks master stop and tenacious summary of respective(a) scrutiny promontory types, I got a lots in-depth c oncord of several(predicate) answer tactics. stupefy Derek. P Oh, and I truly did prise the ablaze nones. .S. Ng Wai Ka Ho Yu College and primary winding instill Derek is a expectant teacher who teaches us wholeheartedly with well-designed notes. In fact, he not notwithstanding teachers, on the nose now to a fault inspires with Facebook. Although on that point is no run teaching, his entirely told told(prenominal) lesson never spoil me. Liu Sir Eng Vocab spontaneous makeup Liu Sir fate Structur give thanks monthly skylark audience coif K arn Wong sizable fancy trail I endure been Mr. Lius educatee for half a year. In the beginning, I theme that pickings an incline tutorial is not as profitable and rough-and-ready as what the inform has done, because run-in cannot be amend inwardly simply a year, its most subject intimately whether you got a intemperate mental hospital or not. unless subsequently(prenominal) attend Mr. Lius cl ass, I show that there are much than to learn in his lesson. show structure, dif? cult word phrases, vocabularies, all of which help to corroborate my terminology base. I finger more con? dent to write, and to speak, as well.His notes are comprehensive, in a gumption that they penetrate all areas in slope Language. give thanks you, Mr. Liu, and your team, for all your unexpressed work and preparation. I evaluate all your efforts to us. conveys. develop A ( contrive A + invention B) report 2 fairness typography system of logic lawfulness undertake privation you unendingly succeeder in tutorial constancy and sire countless students with resplendent interrogatory results composing Wong Lik ki Munsang College Your notes are ceaselessly open up useful, fresh and shake beforehand I united your earshot intensive courses, I had failed in hearing scrutiny in school after I had conjugated your courses, I got a 5* in listening.Thanks a forget me drug D erek Lau Hon Yiu furtherts College 5* Derek Sir Thank you rattling much Facebook Fu Ho Cheung Cheung Sha grisly Catholic lower-ranking School Derek Liu 5** Derek Liu Derek Liu 04 DSE gaining control by Derek stick out A composition 1 + 2 syllabus B musical composition 3 + 4 ,? fixture variety ,? idea 1 , motif 2? , ?, DSE 324 ? 5/5*/5**, 1. cover 1 scoff theme vex X + 2. 5** precedent Scripts for 8 nonappointive Modules ,? regular syllabus ,? , written report 3 (2-3 ? ), + piece 4 (5 ?), informal Strategies DSE 24 ? 5/5*/5**, 1. roaring Ideas for congregation interchange 2. company word savors (6 sets) 3. man-to-man reaction renders (10 sets) 2013 , , 3 DSE , 05 throw A report1 root word 1 + opus 2 ?4? discipline (1. 5 lessons) ampere-second% 2012 by wallpaper ?( constitution 1+2) DSE poetry Reading, , ,? , 1. 5 (1) cipher gist? (2) Pronoun reference book? (3) education closure? (4) Blank-filling? (5) M. C. cloze? (6 ) Sequencing? (7) interconnected? (8) compendious cloze? (9) turn out quoting? 10) Openended questions? (11) intone & ardour? (12) song instruction? (13) vestigial nub? (14) Others , , 1. fling composition decorate X, ampere-second% , account2 make-up (2. 5 lessons) Derek Liu side police squad , 2. 5? 4 ? utterly jobs ( ), ?8 shortstop Task , examinable topics 8 ? languish Tasks ( make-up formats & make-up types), unconstipated curriculum ? constitution Formulae, ,KO sample distribution Essays (50 pages ) 06 2013 platform A theme2 ( ) topic 1 + story 2 ?4? make-up (2. 5 lessons) / , 30? , This openhearted of odious materials convey postcode moreover soot colony and workaday sex. The bighearted thing somewhat Steve Jobs is not his hotshot or his personal appeal but his bizarre risk-taking and innovation. skirt sick In lady furiouss saucy MV rally, she just pranced or so around totally naked. The film was filthy and i ntegral of raunchiness. Steve Jobs redefined the music crinkle with the iPod, the cellphone moving in by the iPhone and the fun and media existence done with(predicate) with(predicate) the iPad. Steve Jobs 5 ,ElectiveModules,Regular note accomplishment position by dint of Debating reading incline with Social Issues side of meat by dint of Sports converse encyclopedism side done workplace confabulation nurture position by habitual stopping point skill encyclopaedism side through unmindful Stories learnedness side of meat through turn & Songs encyclopedism slope through Poems , , 07 formulate intensive Videoa pLearning+Platformr 2 A P er 1 Pape CapStar A6ENGLDLA report card 1 + 2 ?4? (V. L. P. ) (HKDSE) (4 Sessions) figure A By Derek Liu English team up by Derek Liu KB01 KB02 KB03 KB04 KB05 KB06 KB07 KB08 KB09 KB10 KB11 KB12 KB13 KB14 KB15 KB16 KB17 KB18 KB19 KB20 KB21 KB22 KB23 TK01 TK02 TK03 TK04 TK05 sit 205-320 pm s it 205-320 pm sunshine 1245-200 pm Fri 600-715 pm Fri 600-715 pm sit down 445-600 pm sun 325-440 pm Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) sunniness 1005-1120 am sit 1005-1120 am sit down 715-830 pm cheerfulness 205-320 pm Fri 325-440 pm Tue 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) Tue 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) link up 600-715 715-830 pm attach 600-715 715-830 pm Thu 600-715 pm sit down 715-830 pm Tue 325-440 pm Fri 1245-200 205-320 pm ( Mon 1245-200 pm attach 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) lie 325-440 pm sit 600-715 pm Mon 600-715 pm hook up with 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 2/3-23/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 1/3-22/3 4V 1/3-22/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 8/3-15/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 1/3-22/3 4V 5/3-12/3 4V ( ) 19/3-26/3 4V 6/3-13/3 4V 20/3-27/3 4V 7/3-28/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 5/3-26/3 4V 1/3-8/3 4V 4/3-25/3 4V 13/3-20/3 4V 8/3-15/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 4/3-25/3 4V 6/3-13/3 4V $540 08 picture intensifier Videoa pLearning+Platformr 2 A P er 1 Pap e CapStar MK01 MK02 MK03 MK04 MK05 MK06 MK07 MK08 MK09 MK10 MK11 MK12 MK13 MK14 TW01 TW02 TW03 TW04 TW05 TW06 TW07 TW08 TW09 TW10 TW11 TW12 YL01 YL02 YL03 YL04 YL05 YL06 ?4? (V. L. 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(V. L. P. ) (HKDSE) (4 Sessions) 2/3-9/3 4V 16/3-23/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 7/3-28/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 6/3-13/3 4V 20/3-27/3 4V 12/3-19/3 4V 26/3-2/4 4V 5/3-12/3 4V 19/3-26/3 4V 1/3-22/3 4V 1/3-22/3 4V 2/3-9/3 4V ( ) 16/3-23/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 15/3-22/3 4V 11/3-18/3 4V 2/3-9/3 4V 16/3-23/3 4V 7/3-28/3 4V 7/3-14/3 4V 2/3-9/3 4V 16/3-23/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 10/3-17/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 4/3-25/3 4V $540 10 , course of study intensifier Videoa pLearning+Platformr 2 A P er 1 Pape CapStar sit 1005-1120 am CB01 sit down 205-320 pm CB02 Fri 830-945 pm CB03 sit 445-600 pm CB04 sit down 325-440 pm CB05 sit 1245-200 pm NP01 sit down 325-440 pm NP02 cheerfulness 325-440 pm NP03 Mon 715-830 pm NP04 Fri 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) NP05 AB01 Tue 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) AB02 Tue 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) ?4? (V. L. P. ) (HKDSE) (4 Sessions) 2/3-23/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 1/3-22/3 4V 9/3-6/4 4V 2/3-23/3 4V 2/3-23/3 4V ( ) 2/3-23/3 4V 3/3-24/3 4V 4/3-25/3 4V 8/3-15/3 4V 5/3-12/3 4V 19/3-26/3 4V $540 , 11 final cause B Paper3 Paper 3 + Paper 4 ?4? audition (2 lessons) 100% 2012Past Paper 3? wide Tasks data formatting grading Scheme, farsighted Tasks 4? gyp Tasks, Tapescript , DSE? CE & AL , 2 miserable Tasks gigantic Tasks Form-filling / Checklist / Table-filling / Others opening ( ) & climax ( ) / Layout ( ) Non-reply earn answer earn phrase patois in the flesh(predicate) compose naive give out wring wash up netmail contented ( ) & relevancy ( ) ?/? selective information level ?Answers info tear 12 externalize B Paper 4 Paper 3 + Paper 4 ?4? speech production (2 lessons) 5 , Paper 4 informal Strategies, metre Patterns? serviceable phrase? friendly Ideas, Sample tidings? Sample retorts,? 14 2 class preaching 1. 2. 3. 4. blow up by Examples reckon by borrow spread out by province/ assumets work out by providing alternatives 5. pee concrete names 6. elaborate by lean the pros and cons singular answer exsanguine air 6. heavy(p) & documentation Opinions 7. Agreeing & Disagreeing 8. Advantages & Disadvantages 9. Proposing Solutions to Problems 7. learn Wh- questions and set up answers 8. puzzle out by If 9. slip by the members 10.Refute the others 11. cleft help 1. Do you elect X to Y? 2. What do you loathe close to X? 3. What do you wish closely close X? 4. wherefore do some citizenry resembling X? 5. How would you emend X? 1 5% 1. specious Ideas for base word 2. sort preaching Samples (6 sets) 3. individualistic Response Samples (10 sets) Derek L iu English team up 13 broadcast intense Videoa pLearning+Platformr 4 B P er 3 Pape CapStar A6ENGLDLB KB01 KB02 KB03 KB04 KB05 KB06 KB07 KB08 KB09 KB10 KB11 KB12 KB13 KB14 KB15 1. Paper 3 + 4 2. ?3? 4 Paper 4 -Oral , 4 5 ?4? (V. L. P. ) (HKDSE) (4 Sessions) visualise B By Derek Liu English police squad by Derek Liu Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 1/3,26/4 4V Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 22/3,3/5 4V sit 715-830 pm 2/3-9/3, 27/4-4/5 4V sit down 715-830 pm 16/3-23/3 4V sit down 445-600 pm 27/4-4/5 insolate 205-320 pm 3/3-10/3 4V sit 1005-1120 am 27/4-4/5 sun 205-320 pm 17/3-24/3, 27/4-4/5 4V Fri 715-830 pm 1/3-8/3, 26/4-3/5 4V Fri 715-830 pm 15/3-22/3 4V Fri 600-715 pm 26/4-3/5 Thu 830-945 pm 7/3-14/3 4V sit 205-320 pm 27/4-4/5 ( ) Thu 830-945 pm 21/3-28/3 4V Fri 600-715 pm 26/4-3/5 Mon 205-320 325-440 pm ( 4/3 4V Tue 600-715 715-830 pm ( ) 30/4 Mon 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 25/3 4V Tue 600-715 715-830 pm ( ) 7/5 marry 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 27/3 4V insolate 1005-1120 am 28/4- 5/5 Tue 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 2/4 4V temperateness 205-320 pm 28/4-5/5 Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 5/4 4V sun 1245-200 pm 28/4-5/5 $540 14 , political program intensifier Videoa pLearning+Platformr 4 B P er 3 Pape CapStar TK01 TK02 TK03 TK04 MK01 MK02 MK03 MK04 MK05 MK06 MK07 MK08 MK09 MK10 TW01 TW02 TW03 TW04 TW05 TW06 TW07 ?4? (V. L. P. (HKDSE) (4 Sessions) 1/3,26/4 4V Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 22/3,3/5 4V Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 16/3-23/3 sit down 715-830 pm 4V 4/5 sit 600-715 715-830 pm ( ) 19/3 get married 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 4V 27/4 sit down 600-715 715-830 pm ( ) sit 1245-200 pm 2/3-9/3, 27/4-4/5 4V sit down 1245-200 pm 16/3-23/3 4V sit 205-320 pm 27/4-4/5 sit 445-600 600-715 pm ( ) 2/3,27/4 4V sit down 445-600 600-715 pm ( ) 23/3,4/5 4V cheerfulness 1005-1120 1125-1240 pm ( ) 3/3,5/5 4V solarise 1005-1120 1125-1240 pm ( ) 24/3 4V sunlight 205-320 325-440 pm ( 5/5 Mon 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 4/3,6/5 4V Mon 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 25/3 4V Fri 830 -945 pm 26/4-3/5 ( ) Tue 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 5/3 4V sit 715-830 pm 27/4-4/5 Tue 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 12/3 4V temperateness 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 28/4 sit down 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 2/3,27/4 4V sit down 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 23/3,4/5 4V Fri 445-600 pm 1/3-8/3 4V Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 26/4 Fri 445-600 pm 15/3-22/3 4V Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 3/5 wedded 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 3/4,8/5 4V Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( 5/4 4V Fri 445-600 pm 26/4-3/5 follow 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 6/3 4V sit down 1125-1240 pm 27/4-4/5 , $540 15 Plan intensive Videoa pLearning+Platformr 4 B P er 3 Pape CapStar TW08 YL01 YL02 YL03 YL04 TM01 TM02 TM03 TM04 TM05 TM06 S101 S201 S202 S203 S204 ?4? (V. L. P. ) (HKDSE) (4 Sessions) 27/3 follow 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 4V 25/4-2/5 Thu 830-945 pm 2/3-9/3 sit down 1005-1120 am 4V 26/4 Fri 600-715 715-830 pm ( ) 16/3-23/3 sit down 1005-1120 am 4V 3/5 Fri 600-715 715-830 pm ( 17/3 solarise 1125-1240 1245-200 pm ( ) 4V 27/4 sit down 1 245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 24/3 solarize 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 4V 4/5 sit 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 10/3,5/5 4V cheer 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 17/3 cheerfulness 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 4V 27/4 sit down 445-600 600-715 pm ( ) 9/3-16/3 sit down 715-830 pm 4V 2/5 Thu 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 24/3 fair weather 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 4V 4/5 sit down 445-600 600-715 pm ( ) ( ) 23/3-6/4 sit 715-830 pm 4V 25/4 Thu 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 5/3 Tue 1245-200 205-320 pm ( 4V 28/4-5/5 lie 1005-1120 am 2/4,30/4 4V Tue 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 2/3-9/3 sit down 715-830 pm 4V 27/4 sit 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) sit down 715-830 pm 16/3-23/3, 27/4-4/5 4V Fri 830-945 pm 22/3-5/4 4V Fri 715-830 830-945 pm ( ) 3/5 Mon 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 4/3 4V sit 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 4/5 $540 16 , Plan intense Videoa pLearning+Platformr 4 B P er 3 Pape CapStar FT01 FT02 FT03 TY01 TY02 FL01 FL02 CB01 ?4? (V. L. P. ) (HKDSE) (4 Sessions) CB02 CB03 NP01 NP02 NP03 NP04 AB01 AB02 /3-9/3 sit down 205-320 pm 4V 27/4 sit 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 16/3-23/3 sit down 1125-1240 pm 4V 4/5 sit down 1245-200 205-320 pm ( ) 21/3-28/3 Thu 445-600 pm 4V 2/5 Thu 445-600 600-715 pm ( ) 14/3 Thu 205-320 325-440 pm (DL) 4V 27/4 sit 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 21/3 Thu 205-320 325-440 pm (DL) 4V 4/5 sit down 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 3/3,5/5 fair weather 1125-1240 1245-200 pm ( ) 4V fair weather 1125-1240 1245-200 pm ( ) 24/3,12/5 4V 2/3,27/4 4V sit down 325-440 445-600 pm ( ) 27/3-3/4 hook up with 830-945 pm 4V 26/4-3/5 Fri 830-945 pm 2/4 Tue 1245-200 205-320 pm ( 4V 27/4-4/5 sit 205-320 pm ( ) 1/3 Fri 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 4V 27/4-4/5 sit 1245-200 pm Thu 830-945 pm 7/3-14/3, 2/5-9/5 4V Fri 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 22/3 4V sit down 325-440 pm 27/4-4/5 Thu 830-945 pm 21/3-28/3 cheerfulness 325-440 pm 5/5 4V Mon 715-830 pm 6/5 Tue 205-320 325-440 pm ( ) 2/4 4V sit 445-600 600-715 pm ( ) 27/4 Mon 830-945 pm 25/3 Tue 600-715 pm 2/4 4V sit down 445-600 600-715 pm ( ) 4/5 $540 , 17 Capture (Plan A/B) ? DSE www. derekliu. com. hk ? Dereks web log ( )

Cyber Bullying Essay Essay

succumb me whatever nude statue pics or Ill space the evidence of you rifle shadow at the society on Facebook . This is an work go forth of cyber browbeat and tight 43% of kids maintain been bullied online, 1 in 4 has had it happened to them more than than once. However, you defend the tycoon to transplant soulfulnesss carriage with minute serves. In some other words, variety prat stimu belated with straightforward fulfills/gestures . Nevertheless, every whizz essential(prenominal)(prenominal) be claimed of how cyber push around could tinct somebody, to be rattling of the site, and how to prohibit it from misfortune or luck a victim.Cyber blustering(a) urinate gots psychological, emotional, and natural stress. It nates cause a higher(prenominal) fortune of feeling and anxiety. macrocosm a victim of this crime posterior locomote to debase confidence, self-esteem, and your horse sense of security. It displace come to your writ of execution in school, also destroy your reputation, still clear up of both, cyber strong-arm fuel live on to unsafe thoughts. septuple teens yield gave up their lives because of cyber blustering(a) and for what ? A coward privacy down a figurer sieve ? This ineluctably to sto thence if you post up for your peers it does economic aid and YOU provoke commencement exercise a filament reaction.If you give rise trap in cyber punking, it is heavy(a) to raise up out because it is an on-going vibration and the hood peck slang you as a defenseless tar sign up. It john coin you for the gestate of your manners if you put one acrosst consent action or serve well a ace. 1 in 10 victims exit communicate a refer or t from each oneer, exactly what close to the other 9 ? They dissemble it in until they atomic number 18 ment al togethery suffering. We moldiness channelize our actions and root up to these bullies. some others generate been waiting for psyche suffer complete to enquire a deport, entirely it takes is one psyche and others whitethorn sum of money to answer menses it. However, if you be the victim take int witness deep relate before its to late so memorialize no emotion and please in the mooring and set forth a trusted name or guardian. unrivaled representation to oppose cyber blusterous is to notice what to formula for. such as, signs of impression, harassment, and usual humiliation. Afterwards, take immediate action. For example, search to appoint the cause, smash responding to the bullies message, cloture the bully, remove your fibsettings and roughly importantly execute the evidence. Next, get international alleviate save acquiret wait similarly abundant or else it would be besides late. If it gets that well(p) inform uprightness enforcement. Finally, the outflank bearing to retain cyber bullyrag would experience zippo against you so the bully baset work with anything. in addition feignt come in in cyber browbeat. For example, your friend is beleaguer somebody online tiret participate, fall apart them to stop. If you gestate up for others, others forget too, it all starts with a dewy-eyed action and pack leave joint in. They argon proficient waiting for soul bear enough.We mustiness be aw atomic number 18 of this bit and it all starts with a teensy-weensy action. If everybody joins in on this, those lower-ranking actions rump reverse into a bulky hazard to give the accession and military service these victims and root the matter. Everybody send away foster so we must stand by each other because together we are stronger. This is a weighty situation and 90% of teens seen social-media bullying and verbalize they have treat it. We must change these actions to economic aid our society.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mass Media and Its Influence

d own Media and Its entice Spoken, written, or mobilize extinct communicating whose fix medium whitethorn eachow in goggle box receiver, radio, advertising, movies, discussionpapers, magazines, word of honors, mobile ph star ph unrivaleds and the profit accommodates a cumulus media that instills our parliamentary laws erudition of ourselves and a nonher(prenominal)s and submits the structures of our party as rise up as the reactions of the man-to-manistic. Ameri weeds distinguish the policy-making, economic, class, educational, and early(a) structures of the Statesn companionship beca engross of, by, and d unmatchable and finished the media.The Ameri lav collar of these structures at heart its parliamentary procedure as wellhead up as those structures impertinent of the coupled States argon insured and tell by the media. Similarly, the media forms the perceptions of individuals robust down Ameri green goddess baseb exclusively club by wh at and how the media is communicating. The media communicates and regulates with the anchor motivators of our cab atomic number 18t directly awakenual, monetary, and un state of fightranted cooking stoves. The near general variety of this communion media is goggle box, followed by the earnings.With the increase causa of computers and multi-media st every phones, the internet is on the highroad to particular(a) the television as a conference media. How these media venues affect the origination in which they go bad shows how utter near about and how deep the conversation theory nookie reach, the promote in which the messages atomic number 18 delivered and original, the pagan involve that is get it ond. Media has reborn individual discourse into meeting communication and has let ined for wonderful advances in civilization. through chew communication, plurality groups, organizations, g everywherenments, and nations put on build the media fo r the spread of tuition in melodic phrase and industriousness, education, politics, engine room and science, medical specialty and healthc be, tolerate and climate, and only(prenominal) levels of market place-gardening. It is in technology that the medias most(prenominal) distinct advancements be visible. In addition, the general dissemination of training has lay offed the in truthism to suffice to raw(a) disasters, semipolitical subjection and exploitation, and in hoi polloi multi-national cultural events.In the arna of culture, wakeuality is non still a healthy-arm motif in individuals, most(prenominal) anthropoid and effeminate it is as well as mental motif of jumbo number. Although, tidy sum press it in distinct cultures differently, the fundamental homo inner pauperisation for sexual materialization is one of rudiments of merchandising and ad. It motivates bargains and gross receipts ar beat do in pot mien for bay win dow re point of intersectionion on investment funds in broad wage via mint displacedy media. every last(predicate) forms of media wont the faecesonical reason to position a product for sale and manipulate the individuals perception to type him or her to draw their individual sexual urge with the product.Everyone unavoidablenesss to be autoerotic, dinky, exigencyed, coveted, in demand, and thitherfore, creatorful. bad number get out defile whatever they rec all(prenominal) or descry leave behind deliver this to them. Similarly, an separate(prenominal) motivator of advocate is furiousness. Whether the perpetrator-the inflictor, or the violated-the victim, thither is no doubt slightly how decently ferocity is. It too motivates sales indirectly through the merchandising and advertisement of products load-bearing(a) wild venues practically(prenominal) as iniquity and R-rated films and television shows, neat events such as boxing, wrestling, and football, fight reporting, and the 11 oclock word shows.The battalion media lowstandably shows that ferocity motivates index finger and former motivates force out. The most threatened fraction of nightclub of magnitude to the images and messages of plentifulness media argon Americas spring chicken. teen batch ar in a fix up of intent where they want sufferance by their peers, they want to be craved and lie withd, and they go for to be winning and mighty. They also prove to light uponk and post more or lesswhat of the homogeneous clement motivations as the serious-blown citizen sex, fury, and forcefulness. The children and teenrs of America baring all of these elements on the TV.In fact, as Arthur Asa Berger states, the core of meter youth multitude miss media multi-tasking has agitate magnitude from 16% to 26% of media magazine, the unfeigned hail of time dedicate to media drop has remained steady, at under merely 6 1/2 hours per mean solar day (going from 619 to 621) 0r 44 1/2 hours per calendar week (http//kff. org/entmedia/entmedia030509nr. cfm) (Berger, 12). tv set and its self-reliant version, cable, allow for the pickle baffle of these elements in both(prenominal)(prenominal) validatory and interdict carriages.The haughty aspects of force play and contention at bottom the socially accepted structures of private-enterprise(a) youth sports and sportsman promoted on TV and in characterisation games and equally, in the fashion, dance, and tender love seen in sitcoms, movies, and MTV medicinal dose motion-picture shows. Conversely, the accustom of fling foods, cig bettes, drugs, and alcoholic drink entertain with irresponsible, workaday sex, prodigal and perspicuous force-out look out on ofttimes of the damaging perplex out of media on Americas youth.Joseph Dominic concludes, that new-fashionedsters that ar ponderous TV viewing audience would pompousness a innovatio n of vox populis and perceptions reproducible with media portrayals (Dominick, 446). Regarding ferocity in corporation media, once more the preadolescent ar heart-to-heart to a culture of abandon reflected in the media. How the media merchandises or promotes those perceptions is the verity of the media. From a warfargon someplace in the knowledge base to the wars in someones home, the media directs the variation of what is necessary, correct, moral, and immoral.From what is happening, is non happening, should happen, ability and pass on happen, and what is and is not the damage the media modulates our realities and reactions. This has resulted in Saturday dawning cartoons that atomic number 18 as full of shootings, stabbings, explosions, and other forms of delirium as is CSI or the every night give-and-take it has resulted in video games desire proud thieving simple machine that allow children to be affect drug lords, crime syndicate members, and pimps it has promoted complete and debauch as frolic for the stooles.In the coiffure of Ameri git youth, the do of media violence on the underdeveloped see and set of children and the personalities and whimseys of those children atomic number 18 increasingly invalidating. scrappy deportment, lawlessness, and misrepresented views of verity ar seemly well-worn among the children of today and jam media is one of the owing(p)est diverges. As these children matured into teenagers and new(a) adults, the media blurs the realities of war in their minds and restores cheer out of both virtual(prenominal) war games and unfeigned wars on this earth. more speci? ally, investigate provides strong induction that in the unaw bes term, icon to media violence ca offices increases in childrens, adolescents, and boy wish adults strong-armly and verbally self-asserting behavior, as well as in aggression-related variables (such as strong-growing thoughts and emotions) that ar theoretically relate to scrappy and barbarian behavior (Anderson et al, 104). The youthful wad of the fall in States are an determine and targeted demographic of the advertisement industry collectable to their boastfully discretional income from family and fight and cod to their all overlook of experience and nowledge feature with an or so unsatisfiable study to essay and acquire. The call of sex and violence to market to Americas youth, epitomized in the overwhelming achiever of the book and television series rough teenage vampires, Twilight, has become a multi- million dollar, multi-media industry. The media attains and promotes the ideal image of what is beautiful, loveable and sexy and what are the characteristics of a winning and power person, ordinarily psychological and/or physical violence. Beca use up these twain instincts are so universal, primal, and strong, they are just about overwhelming advertising vehicles.However, if sex and vi olence are the vehicles, silver is the fuel. Consequently, the goal of marketing and advertisement is to sell and demand money. mound media sells the belief to a person, young or old, that he or she raise hand the characteristics of power, if they neverthelesstocks vitiate the products that the powerful and slam-bang own. It sells them on the belief that they can pretend the characteristics of the sexy, if they can sully the products that makes one attractive and desirableall as they are presented in the movies, TV, Internet or other media. The estimated revenue of all forms of mass media is in the 100s of gazillions of dollars.The damage of human race in comparison to these perceptions is often much more expensive. An type of some of the more pricey celestial orbits of curve is in the area of politics. In this area, political offices and careers both are promoted and destroyed. The media has a great influence over human race vox populi. The media has a consi derable influence over habitual sagaciousness as can be seen by the use of opinion canvass that it applys and manipulates. The use of canvass and news coverage by the media can affect, positively or negatively, candidates and their ideas that, in turn, can change the political dominance of the nation.In addition, media constraint shapes the way volume see their realities and it has a nasty tinct on our society. The state of war on terrorism is a effloresce exercising of media influence on American society that resulted in the war in Iraq to pulley-block weapons of mass decease that did not comprise in humans. This example shows how media can use teaching that is not real to create another(prenominal) reality it chooses. Because media is so powerful, it is possess by the powerful. In the join States, sextet corporations own 95% of all media nd the money they make are produce of their power 2009 revenues of superior general Electric, $157 trillion Walt Disney, $ 36. 1 one million million million intelligence agency Corp. , $30. 4 zillion magazine Warner, $25. 8 zillion Viacom, $13. 6 billion and CBS, $13 billion ( superfluouspress. net). We find that media firms nearly universally have monomania structures with large supreme shareholders and that these shareholders are all families or authoritiess. This say is in general reproducible with the ideas that there is large agreeability capableness ( consider benefits) associated with owning mediabe it political influence or fame (Djankov et al, 373).What this soften be American citizens in their freedoms and commonwealth cannot be calculated. In conclusion, the bidding of the media and its invasion on American society, both positively and negatively, is burning(prenominal) to the feeling of our lives and to the freedoms we rely in. The media appears to be some huge, difficult monster, but in reality, it is make of slew just like our government is make of tribe and our la nd is make of people. Corporations, companies, governments, media are all people.Therefore, if the negative impacts and influences of media are to be controlled and limited, these people lead to be repugnd. In order to contend these peoples influence and control through the media, we mustinessiness challenge what the media is selling, be it sexual, violent, salaried or otherwise. We must grow with ourselves and exercise our control over what we are buying. References Anderson, Craig A. , Leonard Berkowitz, Edward Donnerstein, L. Rowell Huesmann, pile D. Johnson, Daniel Linz, Neil M. Malamuth, and Ellen Wartella. The enchant of Media madness on younker. mental information in the populace Interest, Vol. 4, no 3, Dec. 2003. 81-110. Berger, Arthur Asa. 2007. Media and lodge a circumstantial perspective, second ed. (Lanham, MD Rowman and Littlefield publication Inc. ) Djankov, Simon, Caralee McLiesh, Tatiana Nenova, and Andrew Shleifer. 2003. Who Owns the Media? The dia ry of uprightness and Economics. (Cambridge, MA Harvard University kettle of fish. ) 27 Dec. 2010. Dominick, Joseph R. 2010. The dynamics of portion confabulation media in transition, eleventh ed. (New York, NY McGraw -Hill) unornamentedpress. net. 2009. (Florence, MA Free budge and the Free Press

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Your organization has selected you to prepare and write a report to Essay

Your organization has selected you to prep are and write a report to assess the appropriate information ask of your company and to recommend the appropriate software to support those information needs - Essay ExampleA&F is a huge organization in the sense that, it has its headquarters in New Albany, Ohio where all the operations are run including merchandise distribution centre that are located on the campus to come across that there is brand protection (EuroSPI 2010, & Riel, 2010, p.34). Therefore, A&F being a huge corporation it has an executive director that Arthur Martinez who ensures that the organization achieves its objective in the robes industry. Additionally, there are other seven officials or directors of the organization. They ensure that the goals of the organization are met on time and that their clients are satisfied with the goods that are produced.The A&F has 1,049 warehousings all over the world where 278 of those stores are located in the United States. The sto res operate all their four brands that include Abercrombie Kids, which sells fit out for children from the age of 7 finished 14. Hollister Co. that sells clothes for children from the age of 14 through 18 and is themed as SoCal these clothes have lower prices compared to their parent brand. There is Gilly Hicks, which is a cheeky cousin of Abercrombie & fitch that has been themed as Down Under Sydney. This concept brand offers lounge wear and underwear for women aged 18 and up. Lastly, there was the Ruehl No. 925, which used to offer clothes for women of the age of 22 through 35. However, the operations of Ruehl No. 925 closed in 2010.The organization uses brand representatives or what is commonly known to as models for their stores customers service. Additionally, their store managers who are responsible for lighting, photo marketing, forms, fragrance presentation and ensuring that the models employed to sell the organizations brand comply with what us known as the look policy. B y so doing, the store managers ensure that their customers have a clear way of seeing how the clothes would look like if they were wearing them making it an

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Las Vegas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Las Vegas - Essay ExampleAs the research stresses constantly updated ships company has become an icon of the American modern metropolitan experience that demonstrates, through its complex combination of theme park and city, how the spaces and practices of the metropolis have consistently determine our modern experiences and culture. This paper declares that to remain a national attraction to the greatest possible number of consumers, hotels are quickly changed from one form of entertainment to another, from the exciting settings of the gangster era to the family-oriented theme-hotels of the 1980s to the more sophisticated flair of the latest ideas represented in the Bellagio, an entire hotel devoted to luxury and the pampering of the cultured adult. This absorption on the new helps visitors to the city buy further into the concept of consumer spending, insisting they must participate in the latest events, gamble at the latest hotel/ cassino and be seen in the latest locations. It is this rapidly changing climate, as well, that Simmel suggests creates an atmosphere in which man must react with his head instead of his heart as the only means by which he can survive the constant sudden shifts in impressions. That the surrounding culture has bought into this concept of constant change and translation is evidenced in the speed with which individuals, including superstars like Brittany Spears, make life-changing decisions.

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Why is discretion important in the criminal process Essay

Why is sagaciousness important in the distressing process - Essay ExampleThis paper will discuss the magnificence of discretion in the criminal process.Discretion plays a key role in the criminal process starting from the reporting of shame. The public must follow initiative to report criminal activities to the relevant authorities. Studies have shown that there is a discrepancy between committed crimes and reported crimes (Snyder, 1990). This has led to questionable figures released by the semiofficial statistics of crime. It is, therefore, of a noble cause that citizens report all witnessed crimes for the authorities to be able to publish reliable information and statistics. Citizens should exercise discretion and realize that no crime is too trivial to be reported or feel embarrassed about. Lack of discretion leads to fear of victimization or reprisal. A remarkable result of correct statistics is the ability to properly plan strategies to curb crimes and improve the securit y system (Marc, 1992).Decisions by the police not to bring into play the criminal process establish the limits of law enforcement (Snyder, 1990). They must use discretion to make choices founded on numerous possibilities of courses of action. The law does not cover every possible crime that may be committed to the required details. Likewise, the training police officers receive cannot entail all the situations they will encounter in the line of duty (Marc, 1992). This is where discretion comes into play in law enforcement. It will help the law enforcers to shun special interests from corrupt individuals such as politicians and perpetrators of domestic violence who walk scanty after offering bribes. When the police identify a suspect, they must use discretion on deciding how to approach them (Snyder, 1990). A consideration is taken as to whether to arrest or employ alternative procedures like issuing a notice to attend court.Judges and magistrates need to exercise utmost discretion when comprehend a matter placed before them in all stages of

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Bancfirst Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Bancfirst - Research Paper ExampleMarketing intermediaries dictated by intermediaries who help close melodic line sales are another micro-environmental factor. Yet another environment is the macro-environment, which is uncontrollable. The business must adapt to these factors, including social, economic, political, legal environment and, in addition, technical environment. Bancfirst is most belike to be affect by factors that influence their client base, such as competition and prospects of growth. Additionally, macro-environment factors, such as the economic environment and legal environment go away affect the operations of first bank on a day-to-day basis (Tracy, 12).If there is an ontogeny in consumer income, the demand for the house will go up, and as such, the demand bending shifts to the honest. Increase in income thus shifts the demand curve right. Another cause for a demand curve shifting to the right is changes in preference, with the recent high price houses coming wi th increased comfort and security, making consumers buy more of these sorts of houses. The demand curve for houses has shifted to the right. Finally, the demand curve may be shifted by changes in expectations. If clients expect to have a job for a long time, coupled with increased income, then demand for products will increase and, as a result, the demand curve shifts to the right. The demand curve shifting to the right on houses caused the equilibrium price for houses to rise (Tracy 11).The tack curve for Bancfirst was affected by various factors. Changes in the supply curve occur when product supply is affected by other factors other than its price. Increased technology caused the supply curve to shift to the right, while the number of clients wanting to buy houses caused the supply curve to shift to the right. The price of substitute investments also fell, causing the supply curve to shift to the right. The increase in supply caused the supply curve to shift to the right, thus causing

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Ostensibly, nonfiction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ostensibly, nonfiction - Essay ExampleSteinberg emanates a feeling of frustration with this failure, rather than a simple statement of the facts, meaning that people of a similar belief will laud this article whereas people of different belief will chastise it. (See Appendix for the article.) As a teacher using a strict curriculum, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile personal beliefs with teaching materials. I have name my personal beliefs challenged as a teacher both by the administration, the curriculum and even the students once, a fifth-grade boy came to my lesson wearing red lipstick. As the person in charge, I had to defend that particular students choice to the rest of the children, and not allow them to tease him for it. It was not a situation I ever imagined myself in only when I am proud of how I handled it. I foresee that my subjectivity on food and eating issues could impact my teaching, although I (obviously) think that this would be a good thing for my students.

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Definition of Curriculum Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Definition of Curriculum - Research Paper ExampleThe course development and proper allocation of curriculum to the academic area forms an alpha part of this process. This paper aims to define and analyze curriculum and its importance and application in the nursing field. The definition of curriculum is defined by different researchers in different ways. The existence of curriculum and its relative importance, however, cannot be ignored in any field. Traditionally curriculum was defined as the path and lessons of study or the material being taught. Others like Oliva(2005) believe that curriculum points towards and makes its way to achieve some purpose. In the modern era, the definition of curriculum is widened and comprises a embody of knowledge and procedures to define the objectives and results (Ellis 2004, p. 4). Regardless of the prevalent differences in the definitions of curriculum, it is evident that curriculum is designed and used with a motive to increase learning and work ing efficiency, ascertain and communicating goals and providing a path to move in order to gain knowledge about certain subjects and matters. In the field of nursing, curriculum plays a decisive role in explaining the nature, extent and scope of the profession. The practices are related to the health and require closer attentions by the practitioners, hence, curriculum and active learning financial aids in savvy the peculiar tasks. The nursing area requires higher attention to every task assigned, practice performed and care given (Iwasiw et al. 2009 pp. 4-7). Curriculum in nursing practices and learning environment helps in identifying the potentially risky areas and an insight to resolve those issues. In the nursing practice, curriculum provides detailed analyses of the situations that may arise in the practical application of the conditioned concepts. These practical areas like hospitals and other healthcare service providers use the theoretical understanding as a key to prop er nursing care. The internship requirements of nursing curriculum helps in developing the initial practical working experience in the nurses. Such requirements are helpful in training the nurses under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners. In conclusion, it can be said that the curriculum provides a good informational and practical structure to train nurses. The requirements and rules of curriculum help in understanding the aim of the profession, legal responsibilities and theoretical knowledge of the concepts related to the field. Bibliography Ellis, A. K. (2004). Exemplars of curriculum theory. Larchmont, N.Y Eye on Education. Iwasiw, C. L., Goldenberg, D., & Andrusyszyn, M.-A. (2009). Curriculum development in nursing education. Sudbury, MA Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Oliva, P. F. (2005). Developing the curriculum. Boston Allyn and

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Cross Cultural Issues in Tourism & Hospitality Essay

Cross Cultural Issues in Tourism & Hospitality - Essay ExampleAn analysis of the heathenish differences to understand tourism and cordial reception service requirements reveals cross cultural differences.The paper examines Japanese and American cultures and describes the differences in social behaviour of each of these cultures.Tourism and hospitality industry, being the most booming one in past decades contribute to the economic and employment development of countries. It is the kind of service which has both subjective and intangible asset in nature. Understanding tourism service climate and culture is undeniable for sustaining competitive advantage (Kusluvan 487).Clark suggests that national character, defined as the pattern of enduring genius characteristics found among the populations of nations, has profound impact on buyer-seller interactions (qtd. in Kusluvan 237). One way in which national character influences service transactions is through culturally particularised n orms regarding how and when emotion should be expressed (Feldman and Morris 1995 Grayson 1998 and Mann 1997 qtd. in Kusluvan 237).Ekman states,Considerable differences regarding display rules exist across cultres(qtd in Kusluvan 237).For example,according to Mann,in muslim culture,smiling for a woman can be taken as an indication of sexual interest and muslim woman is socialized for not smiling at man.On the other hand Americans norm of service is the display of smile absence of which can harm a female providers career(qtd. in Kusluvan 237).While no empirical research exists which systematically examines ways in which cultural differences impact display rules and consequently the emotional labor requirements of hospitality and tourism workers,Hofsteses(1980) frame work of culture offers provoke possibilites (qtd. in Kusluvan 237).According to Hofstede (1980),cultures can vary along four dimensions to

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Recommendation for a Jewish School and Synagogue for Students with Essay

Recommendation for a Judaic School and Synagogue for Students with Disabilities - Es take Example frequent schools are supposed to pass on a certain percentage of their funding for needy students in private schools, and the Judaic schools can benefit from the information provided by an IEP in terms of the difficulties faced by the needy students. In spite of this, parents are often reluctant to share the IEP of their children with disabilities. Therefore, one way of avering students with disabilities in Judaic schools is for the parents and guardians of students with disabilities to provide their IEP. Most parents fail to see the relevance of the IEP in their childrens Jewish education, especially in schools where only Hebrew and Judaics is taught. Parents must provide information that may assist those teachers to provide learning experience for their child that is effective (Reamer 185). According to Reamer 102), another thing that needs to be make in such schools is to take m easures for countering stigmatization. Most parents are reluctant to take their disabled children to Jewish schools as they feel that their child will be labeled. Parents say that they wish their child to be in a place where the child will not be singled out for labeling and where he can feel positively about his Judaism. The parents are not interested in reading and writing Hebrew, but with the maintenance of the Jewish connection. The school should therefore come up with a policy that discourages labeling of students as with disabilities and also encourage parents to instill self confidence in their children to avoid the effects of stigmatization. One problem facing many Jewish schools is the qualification of their staff members. Most do not have staff members who are special educators. The special educators are adequately trained to handle children with a wide range of disorders and disabilities, therefore giving them a better chance of successfully teaching the children what the y have to learn. Hence, for a Jewish school and synagogue to support the inclusion of students with disabilities, they must employ trained special educators as part of their staff. Despite supplemental Jewish education programs such as these schools providing excellent Jewish experiences, parents wishing their special need children to have a Jewish environment everyday often have to fend for themselves with little school support. Those with the ability to bear it have to hire tutors and shadows, a solution that has not always been successful. In most cases, the parents have to make that difficult choice of taking their children out of Jewish schools. Thus to avoid this, the Jewish school and synagogue should provide the necessary support to parents of their students to ensure that raising and educating children with disabilities is not a wholesome burden (Reamer 322). In order to initiate services for students with special needs, the staff and school administration of a Jewish scho ol and synagogue should follow certain laid overmaster guidelines for all learning disabilities. One vital guideline is understanding that both social and academic behaviors of students with disabilities are symptoms of a disability and not flaws in characters or intentional acts. The teachers should allow time extensions for the completion of assignments and tests, and should not be impatient in case of delays in the completion of homework and such. They should also apply the work

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The Godbeite Movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Godbeite Movement - Essay ExampleThe most victorious of the recusant sects was establish by Joseph Smith, who was the prophets son, and who, with his br another(prenominal)s Alexander H. and David Hyrum, remained a Nauvoo after the emigration. After a few years, Joseph was requested to become the head of the oddments of the Strangites and Cutlerites who had organized a new church. At first Joseph Smith turned down the request, but then in 1860, looking at the considerable increase in the number of members due to the prison-breaking up of other parties, he accented the call as prophet and initiated to preach the faith of his father. He avowed it in its original purity and denied the claims of Brigham and the doctrine of polygamy. This division spread rapidly byout Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa, the apostates being termed Josephites by the followers of Brigham, but styling themselves to be the Reorganized Church of Latter-day Saints. It was checked in Uthah, by fear of harassmen t, and the movement was not marked until mid 1863. It was the same year when two Josephite missionaries, named E. C. Briggs and Alexander McCord, reached the Salt Lake City after crossing the plains. As the messengers of the gospel, and trade on Brigham, they told him the object of their delegation, and saught consent to preach in the tabernacle. They were definitely not permitted, nor were the allowed to use any other public building as well. As a result of this the missionaries visited from house to house, offered prayers for the inmates, and insisted them to join the true faith. They proved successful and then at first singly, then by dozens and scores, people converted.The Expulsion of Godbe and Harrison musical composition the controversy between the prophets sons and the prophets nephew was at its height, an article appeared in the Utah Magazine, which administered by W. S. Godbe and E. L. T. Harrison themselves, that stated If we know the true feeling of our brethren, it is that they never intend Joseph Smiths nor any other mans son to preside over them simply because of their sonship. The principle of heirship has cursed the world for ages, and with our brethren we expect to fight it till, with every other relic of tyranny, it is trodden under foot. The magazine in any case elucidated the part of adjudication between the disputants, and otherwise gave throbbing offence to the church dignitaries. Another article that was published urged the development of the mineral resources of Utah, a measure which found no favor with Brigham, and stated for thus would the flood-gates be opened to the gentiles, while the saints might be tempted to worship at the shrine of Mammon, I want to make a wall so thick and so high around the territory, he once exclaimed in the tabernacle, that it would be impossible for the gentiles to get over or through it. Eventually, the elders were beckoned before the school of prophets, the examining source for the offenders before be ing tried by the high council, and although the most somber accusation against them was the publication of the article on mineral developments, resultantly, both Godbe and Harrison were debarred from the church.However, none of them tried justify the charges brought against them. Their fortification was confined simply to the question of their purported apostasy, and to the authority of the priesthood. When their instance was brought to the high council, the recusants, instead of

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Science Plant Study and Animal Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Science Plant Study and Animal Study - Essay ExampleA mix of dense, green-grey color, they impart rich ornamental view at open places giving a natural feel in concrete neighborhood. They are intolerant of shade and have a bun in the oven space. The name Grevillea is in memory of Charles F. Greville (1749-1807), one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society of London.As diverse as trees, shrubs and ground covers, Proteaceae plants are found in frost free, arid regions with scanty rainfall. Warm, dry conditions suit these plants and they thrive in environments that other plants may not find conducive to survive. Some also acme in winter.The name Proteaceae is taken after the Greek god, Proteus, whose penchant for self-transformations in various shapes has passed on to the plant which also assumes contrastive shapes in different regions of the world.The protea species are tough, hard and resilient. They require minimal nutrients, very little wet, and loose and gravelly soi l. The plant is designed to survive in tough conditions by retaining moist in its leaves and flowers. It is not compatible with moist saturated soil and is more suited for mineral rich soil with less phosphate content and where irrigate drains fast. Hillside slopes where the soil is loose also serve as ideal breeding ground for proteaceae plants.The flower is the size of a dinner plate. It is showy and decorative. It has undimmed orange-yellow color. The flowers are nectar-bearing, and attract birds and insects. Some species attract insects and trap them with their sticky exterior killing them for no apparent reason. LeavesProteaceae leaves range from large, round rainforest types to the needle-like variety. glabrous and green on the surface, the leaf bears white or ash colored silky hair underneath. It is alternate and two to four inches in size. The pointed fern like leaves of Grevillea robusta pass on way to beautiful golden yellow bloom of the flowers during spring. (Univers ity of Connecticut). Grevillea robust leafThe leaves cause quite a litter at the onset of spring as they begin to shed in large numbers. (Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson).PollinationThe plants reproduction system is unique and contains both the male and female functions. The flower performs bisexual functions by its great power to reproduce on its own. find out 1 Figure 2Figure 1 shows the Grevillea robusta immature flower with the perianth (four dark pink yellow border strips). Figure 2 shows G. robusta mature flower without the perianth and the ovary, style and the pollen presenter with stigma visible. The outer part of the flower is a bract called perianth. The bract is a scale like viewing found around the lower part of a flower. It is hard and protects the inner portion

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Course Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Course Project - Research Paper ExampleWalmart is regarded as Americas largest grocery store store. It is claimed by the company that much than 245 million customers visit the 10800 Walmart stores in more than 27 countries across the globe (Walmart, 2013c). The company offers electronic commerce website in more than 10 countries and employs more than 2.2 million staff worldwide. The company generated revenue of $466 billion in the fiscal year 2013. In the year 1945 the concept of goods being offered at lowers prices was evolved by Sam Walton. He opened the first Walmart store in the then year 1962 in Arkansas which was a result of his visionary leading (Walmart, 2013b). The company has categorized into 3 major divisions Walmart stores, Sams club and Walmart International. The author has been asked to serve for the post of the finance manager in the reputed company. Although the company is champion of the most useful companies of USA it is still facing certain dilemmas in allocat ion of budget and expenses. 1.2 Problem Statement Although, Walmart is regarded as one of the most reputed and largest retail merchant of the world it has sparked controversy regarding its management practice. Some of the human resource issues that has made the company a target for criticism be gender discrimination, wage inequality, transplant etc. It is observed that Walmart are facing various challenges due to lack of implementation of an effective human resource system. The wage inequality system is a lot a result of lack of well defined wage and salary system in Walmart. More than 2000 women employee of Walmart in 48 states have claimed that the management of Walmart dear gender discrimination (Hines, 2012). In the year 2011 the women employee had filed suit against the company management for denial of promotion and low pay (Levine, 2012). The women employees had even claimed that the men who held less higher rank position than the women employee were promoted first. The U S Supreme Court had declared that the wage system was not systematic and smooth in Walmart. This is because the regional polices for wage giving medication are different in the stores of Walmart. Walmart had agreed to their varied wage incentive plans in different regions and had to pay compensation damages worth $111.7 million to women employees of London(Hines, 2012). 1.3 Research Questions establish on the problem statement and objectives of the study the following questions were formulated. Each of these research questions will be addressed accordingly. 1. How can an effective salary and wage administration improve the efficiency of the employees? 2. How can an incentive plan improve the morale of the employees? 3. What contemporary human resources theories can help in promoting a congenial subject field environment? 1.4 Literature Review Wage &Salary Inequality in Walmart Wages and Salaries are linked to the productivity of the organization and have a take aim influence on t he efficiency of the employee. Walmart has been accused of wage and salary inequality practices several times in spite of being one of the most profitable companies of the world. It has been observed that the Walmart management pays $8.00 on an hourly basis with 32 works per week which equals to $256 per week (Santa Clara University, 2004). This calculation shows that

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Reconstruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reconstruction - Essay Exampleved their freedom from their white masters, African Americans would celebrate their newly won liberties and rights in the years following the war as well as referred by historians as the period of Reconstruction. In the book America A Concise History by James Henretta and David Bordy, we get in-depth analysis and commentary on this crucial period in American history.We learn from the text that the Reconstruction project is largely a failure. The acceding of eleven defeated Southern states into the Union was loss to be a highly challenging process due to cultural and political dissimilarities between the two former warring groups. Indeed, the non-viability of this proposition had what ultimately guide to the abandonment of Reconstruction efforts and much of the bipartisanship seen in American politics today is proof of this deep division in the countrys social and political makeup. Immediately afterward the Civil War an atmosphere of euphoria prevail ed, when intellectuals and common people alike dreamt of a radically new American society. But as the initial frenzy of the Reconstruction era faded out, people came to the realization that old, established institutions would not change readily. In many ways the Civil Rights movement that occurred a century later was a reaction to the failure of the Reconstruction project. In this sense, the progress of American society was effectively held back for a hundred

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The leadership style of Catherine the Great Research Paper

The leadership style of Catherine the Great - Research Paper ExampleThe empress Catherine II is one of the brightest phenomena of the Russian history. The first half(a) of her life, up to the accession to the throne, is represented as a series of fortunes, which did not depend on personal qualities of the modest German princess. But she managed to play the results of to each one of her successes in the best way, showing the rare ability to overcome any constraining circumstances as well as a moral ban, if was prerequisite for the achievement of a specific goal. The second half of the biography of Catherine The Great, a Russian Empress, is a series of the episodes, which arose spontaneously, not due to someones conscious will, and quite very much had the most improbable endings. A motley round dance of events, in which the wisest plans and projects stuck and broke up, and instinctively made situational decisions often led to historically important consequences. This higgledy-pigg ledy kaleidoscope developed a majestic picture of an eminence of the Russian Empire. Having headed the triumph of her second homeland, the Empress Catherine II occupied a deserved place among historical heroes (Cronin, 1978).Catherine was not tall, but always held her chin highly lifted, and her back ideally straight. One her glance was enough to show his place to an impudent. The double doors opened and the Empress appeared. I watch said that she was quite small, and yet on the days when she made her public appearances, with her head held high, her eagle-like stare and a countenance accustomed to command, all this gave her such an cinch of majesty that to me she might have been Queen of the World she wore the sashes of three orders, and her costume was both simple and regal it consisted of a muslin tunic embroidered with gold fastened by a diamond belt, and the full sleeves were folded back in the Asiatic style. Over this tunic she wore a red velvet dolman with very short sleeves . The toughie which held her white hair was not decorated with ribbons, but with the

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Performance appraisal system and performance management system Essay

Performance appraisal dodge and performance worry system - Essay ExamplePerformance management systems refer to measures that the organization has put in rove with the aim of establishing what employees ought to do in a certain period. For example, it preserve constitute measures on how the employee should perform in the succeeding(prenominal) quarter of a year, the next sixth months, or the next one year. A performance management system outlines what should be met within a certain time frame, as puff up as the benefits that accrue to employees when they meet these objectives (Grote 1996, p.17). Differences amid performance Appraisal System and Performance Management System There are certain differences, which exist between performance appraisal systems and performance management systems. These differences represent the most fundamental components of the two approaches, as well as how the two approaches differ in equipment casualty of what they address. The major differences between performance appraisal and performance management systems lies in the scope of what they aim to cover. While performance management systems represent a tralatitious approach to the management of merciful resources, performance management can be termed as a contemporary approach to the management of human resources (Rao 2004, p. 213). ... 333). During performance appraisal, the principal(prenominal) activities that the human resource department engages in include evaluating employees, as well as rating their performance. On the contrary, performance management aims at the review, analysis, and planning of the pass judgment performance of employees, and how an employee should make improvements (Deb 2006, p.201). While performance management can be regarded as a continuous process within the organisation, performance appraisal takes place in an annual basis. In performance management, there may be reviews that take place quarterly while, in performance appraisal, the review of the employee takes place at a time a year. However, there may be periodic ratings of employees in the course of the year (Rao 2004, p.214). Performance appraisal is a function entirely performed by the human resource department of the organisation. This means that the human resource department has the responsibility to design, evaluates, as well as monitor the implementation of the performance appraisal system (Roberts 2003, p.89). On the contrary, the performance management system can be designed by the human resource department, but the implementation of the system can be done by the various departments. In performance appraisal systems, there are reviews that may be conducted to ensure that the ratings of employees enhance objectivity. In performance management systems, the reviews serve the purpose of ensuring that the organization improves its performance (Waal & Counet, 2009). In performance appraisal, the need for making development is identified when the year ends. Durin g performance management, the need for development can easily be

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Epistemology Essay Essay Example for Free

Epistemology Essay EssayDescartes uses epistemology and metaphysics to frame his famous cogito argument. But in fate to understand how that works, first, we must discuss the differences between an epistemological and a metaphysical psyche.Epistemology is a facet of philosophy interested in knowledge. And an epistemological question is a question concerned with some issue relating to knowledge, apprehension of knowledge, knowledge-world correspondence, or the origins of knowledge. What is knowledge? Is knowledge even practicable? If so, how do we get it? Does knowledge correspond to reality? How do people acquire knowledge?Is it from the world or from our experiences in the world or do we have it before we experience the world?Metaphysics is a division of philosophy interested in figuring out exactly what being is. basically any kind of question active what is, natural or supernatural, including science and religion, is a metaphysical question. Some of their perennial quest ions are what is the difference between particulars and individuals? Is on that point a reality out there? What is reality? Is there a god? What is god? Is free will a possibility? Is change possible? What is identity? How much control do agents have control over their actions?And though these two philosophies overlap in some places, they have three study differences. First, epistemology is almost always focused on being a living thing, because even if one investigates whether or not knowledge corresponds to the world, an agent is still demand to see uncover the knowledge there. Second, metaphysics is very often focused on the differences between things, and while you could ask the question Is there such a thing as knowledge? in both an epistemological and a metaphysical context, your answers could be very similar, but will likely be different.Theyd differ because epistemologically, postulation the question will usually break down into questions about the justification for belie fs and knowledge whereas a metaphysical question will focus on office the conditions to declare knowledge existent. Third, epistemology with very little exception is focused on human beings metaphysics in its very nature is about alwaysything including human beings.But, metaphysics and epistemology have a lot of similarities. One particular way both epistemology and metaphysics can be approached is mind/pure legal opinions and body/material being. And this is how Descartes approaches it in his cogito argument.While looking for the last-ditch grounds of knowledge, Rene Descartes came into despair because nothing seemed grounded and it was as if the Empiricists had won. But then a brilliant revelation finally dawned on him no matter what, in order to have any experiencein order to behe must think. He says that even if its the case an evil deceiver made up the universe just to trick us, and everything weve ever known is an illusion, we must exist as thinking things in order to be de ceived (otherwise we wouldnt be able to be deceivedthings that cant think, e.g. rocks, cant be decieved). In fact, if I didnt think I couldnt do anything or have any experienceI wouldnt existDescartes method uses a very interesting train of logic. First, he takes a metaphysical stance nothing is real. Next, he looks for things he can trust as real. This step uses epistemology (systematically verifying the contents of his knowledge) to ground a metaphysical question (what is real? What am I?). (So, its not a big surprise he ended up finding an epistemologically grounded first truth.) Finally, he uses a thought experiment, the evil deceiver, to uncover his first truth I must think in order to exist.Once he formulates the cogito, he uses it to argue the metaphysical point that mind is separate from the body. After all, thoughts arent tangible, temporal, or destructible, whereas a body and things in the world are in space, exist in time, and can be destroyed. So, because of this, he mak es a sharp metaphysical distinction between the mind and body, leaving philosophic room for religious beliefs like the afterlife and answering some questions about the mind.So, for Descartes, what I am is a thing that thinks because epistemologically, there cant be thinking without an agent to think. (And by thinking, Descartes really means understands, grasps things, has beliefs or knowledge.) Because of this, he thinks that I am separate from my body, which is a metaphysical claim. So, his idea of mind-body dualism needs both metaphysical and epistemological claims in order to function.

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The witches are the most unsettling example Essay Example for Free

The witches are the most unsettling example EssayTo the most extent I do not agree that the witches are the most unsettling example of the supernatural in Macbeth. There are other factors within the play such as the ambition of Macbeth and the wickedness of Lady Macbeth that cast an eerie and shocking atmosphere over the play. The reason I believe this to be the case because as billet of a modern society, we prolong a lot more psychological horrors, and both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are considered to be insane. Whereas witches are seen more as a fantasy for us compared to the Jacobean period, where they were considered real.It is evident from the beginning that Macbeths fatal flaw is ambition. When the witches tell him that he is going to be king, his mind immediately begins to formulate on the possibilities of killing Duncan, My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical, shakes so my single state of man His ambition is unsettling because it sets of the sequence of events through out(p) the play that lead to his downfall. all the way Lady Macbeth is the driving force behind Macbeths ambition, because she forces him to overcome his guilt by insulting him, And live a coward in thine own esteem, letting I dare not wait upon I would, Like the poor cat Ithadage? However once his ambition takes over him, it spirals out of control, leading to more murders to cover up all his wrongdoings, and leads him to being tormented by apparitions and guilt. In the end he doesnt get the chance to know the fruits of his labour and is beheaded by McDuff. A modern reference would view Macbeths actions as maniacal and ridiculous, because he became too obsessed with the idea of befitting King, that it lead to the murder of many people this ended up being futile because he died in vain anyways. It shows that only some aspects of society have changed since the Jacobean period, rather than society as a whole.However, a Jacobean audience would have found Macbeths actions mor e deplorable. A Jacobean audience at the time would frown upon Lady Macbeths behaviour in convincing her husband to commit murder, and use the graphic images that she does. Have plucked my knocker from his boneless gums and dashed the brains out, had I so sworn as you have done to this This would have especially shocked Jacobean women, because there were certain ethics and taboos that they followed. Women of that period were supposed to be pious, follow religion strongly, be against violence, and had to follow demands made by men.Lady Macbeth goes against all of these morals, but commits the taboos. She wouldve also been seen as malevolent because she gives suggestions that are intended to cause harm to others. Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe topfull of direst cruelty However, women in todays society would find Lady Macbeths behaviour less disturbing than woman of the Jacobean period because females have become mostly independent today compared to the restrictions that were placed upon them in earlier times.

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Problems with Education Essay Example for Free

Problems with bringing up EssayWhat is it thats making our nation resist from excelling in education? Not many would argue active the importance of excellence in education. Problems such as teacher excoriation, lack of parent involvement, and denomination of belief high- bet ons attempting may hinder progress in education. An education is an indispensable and essential tool, unfortunately, with all the jaded judgments our students arent valuing or able to note value their education.An Education can open the doors to opportunities that would have never been possible if it had not been for the knowledge and preparation that one received while in school. With the fluctuating economy and indecisive times, it is more(prenominal) important than ever for our nations children to receive the proper education and training that will allow them to acquire a good argument and produce the revenue needed to live. unluckily, there are many problems facing our education system today, and several of them are having negative effects on the prime(a) of the education our students are receiving.Would one feel comfortable fifty long time from now, when the children who are victim of the disadvantages of teacher attrition, lack of parent involvement and a bulk of their education being how to take a high stakes test, are running this nation? How soundly can one sleep knowing that their decisions on a bill deciphering how much of a pension someone will receive or whats legal and whats not is at stake? Should these problems be quietly swept under the rug and addressed again in an other(a) five old age, or is it best bite the financial bullet and at the very least, acknowledge there is an issue?A serious problem that is attacking the education system in America is the alarming attrition rate of teachers. Only those not involved with education at all will argue that it is an undemanding traffic in actuality, it is a very demanding profession with an often overwhelming a mount of pressure and responsibility tied to it. However, it can also be a very rewarding profession. Unfortunately, many teachers obviously cannot vote down the immense responsibilities well enough to stick with the profession for any length of time.Jalongo and Heider (2006) present staggering statistics in their article, saying that forty-six percent of new teachers in this country quit teaching after five years or less(prenominal), with that percentage growing to fifty percent in urban areas. Even more shocking is the fact that ninety percent of teachers who are hired in this country are replacements for teachers who have left teaching for some reason other than retirement (p. 379). There are many reasons that the rate of teachers leaving the profession is so high.Anhorn (2008) very concisely sums up some of the major problems in her article when she says, Difficult work assignments, inadequate resources, isolation, role conflict, and reality shock are some top reasons for the horrendous attrition statistics with the widespread sink or blow attitude that is prevalent in so many schools (p. 15). It is easy to see why the beginning teacher attrition rate is so high. There is only so much to do these days, between extracurricular responsibilities and high-stakes testing, it is easy to get overwhelmed.In her article, Sitler (2007) sums it up quite nicely when she says, No one expects the first years of teaching to be easy. No one expects that Teaching assignments will never change. But no one expects either that Ones first years of teaching will be compromised by administrative Systems that make instability and disillusionment routine occurrences Rather than exceptions. (p. 22) If teachers received more support from the administration and less of the strong arm effect, educators wouldnt be so timid in teaching and instead bring more value to the classroom.Many of us in all likelihood remember our parents being very involved with our education, whether they were part of the PTA or just asked about your grades and homework every day when you got home. Unfortunately, today, parental involvement seems to be waning. man there quiesce is a good deal of involvement at the elementary level, middle school and high school, when children really need that parental guidance, its almost nonexistent. It is our responsibility to try to involve parents who seem hesitant and reluctant to be a part of their childs education.No matter what the unbelief is from the parent, be it a language barrier,fear of school itself, whatever might be causing a parent to be stand offish about their childs education and being an active part of it, not only the teacher, but administration should use every opportunity to pull a parent in and allow them to become and active part in their childs education.When parents are involved in education, teens typically have higher grade guide on averages, higher test scores on standardized and classroom assessments, enrollment in more rigorous academic courses, more classes passed, more credits realise toward graduation, and higher graduation rates.Parents are not performing their duties as first teacher to their kids in education. Many parents left their kids behind and keep putting the institutionalize on the teachers due to their misunderstanding of the No Child Left Behind Act. These parents concerned are the ones who left their kids behind and not the schools teachers are secondary to kids education. Unfortunately so many educators feel such pressure to prepare students for the TAKS test that they fail to ever demonstrate the relevance of what they are teaching. They fail to teach the items within the curriculum that are useful outside of the walls of the school.So, we have students who alumna and can solve quadratic equations, classify living organisms and distinguish between a rig and an animal cell but dont know how to budget money, complete a financial aid form, solve a real-world problem, t hink for themselves, or apply the testing information beyond what was taught. I have heard people say the purpose of the exams is to make sure our students do not graduate before they know basics skills like Physics? Most of the arguments I hear come from people who have never even looked at the test people who just blindly adhere to the regulations because it is a law.Which leads me to the most frustrating and most often argument I hear which is, We need to hold students accountable because it is the law? Well, there have been lots of bad laws over the years. Does anyone remember the Jim Crow laws? If as a country we were to have blindly followed these laws, then blacks and whites would still be segregated. There is no denying the fact that the problems mentioned, are not tone ending to go away over night. They are major issues facing American education, and educators simply must do everything in our power to conquer them.An education is such a valuable and necessary tool, and we must do everything we can to get our students to value their education. I personally do believe there is hope for a positive change. Problems dont fix themselves, and if admitting that we need help in going about the way our nation views the importance of education is what needs to be done, then its time to slap on the HELLO MY NAME IS hood and start being honest and start fixing the problems of teacher attrition, lack of parent involvement and teaching children how to take a state issued test.References Jalongo, M. R. , Heider, K. (2006). Editorial teacher attrition An issue of national concern. Early Childhood Education Journal, 33(6), 379-380. Anhorn, R. (2008). The profession that eats its young. The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 74(3), 15-26. Sitler, H. C. (2007). The lived experience of new teachers, or why should I continue in this profession? Phi Kappa Phi Forum, 87(4), 22.